D0018 | Carticaine

Molecular Formula C13H20N2O3S
Molecular Weight 284.38
State solid
Description amide-type local anesthetic


N01BB58 Articaine, combinations

[N01BB] Amides



[N] Nervous system

N01BB08 Articaine

[N01BB] Amides



[N] Nervous system

Pictogram Signal Statements Precautionary Statement Codes

Aggregated GHS information provided by 193 companies from 8 notifications to the ECHA C&L Inventory. Each notification may be associated with multiple companies.

H302 (78.76%): Harmful if swallowed [Warning Acute toxicity, oral]

H315 (21.24%): Causes skin irritation [Warning Skin corrosion/irritation]

H319 (96.37%): Causes serious eye irritation [Warning Serious eye damage/eye irritation]

H335 (25.91%): May cause respiratory irritation [Warning Specific target organ toxicity, single exposure

Respiratory tract irritation]

Information may vary between notifications depending on impurities, additives, and other factors. The percentage value in parenthesis indicates the notified classification ratio from companies that provide hazard codes. Only hazard codes with percentage values above 10% are shown.

P261, P264, P270, P271, P280, P301+P312, P302+P352, P304+P340, P305+P351+P338, P312, P321, P330, P332+P313, P337+P313, P362, P403+P233, P405, and P501; (The corresponding statement to each P-code can be found at the GHS Classification page.)

Organism Test type Route Dose (normalized dose) Effect Source
mouse LD50 intravenous 37mg/kg (37mg/kg) Praktische Anaesthesie, Wiederbelegung und Intensivtherapie. Vol. 9, Pg. 135, 1974.

  • 2-Thiophenecarboxylicacid, 4-methyl-3-[[1-oxo-2-(propylamino)propyl]amino]-, methyl ester 2-thiophenecarboxylic acid, 4-methyl-3-[[1-oxo-2-(propylamino)propyl]amino]-, methyl ester, hydrochloride 23964-58-1
    4-Methyl-3-(2-(propylamino)propionamido)-2-thiophenecarboxylic acid, methyl ester 4-Methyl-3-[2-(propylamino)propionamido]-2-thiophenecarboxylic acid, methyl ester 4-Methyl-3-[[1-oxo-2-(propylamino)propyl]amino]-2-thiophenecarboxylic acid methyl ester
    964A570 964A581 AB00514635
    AB00514635_06 AB0105909 AC-27016
    ACM23964581 AKOS005287449 ALBB-022443
    API0008646 ARONIS25008 Artemtherin
    Articaina Articaina [INN-Spanish] Articaine
    Articaine (INN) Articaine [INN:BAN] Articainum
    Articainum [INN-Latin] BB 0261164 BBL023182
    BDBM50225496 BPBio1_001368 BRD-A70514680-003-03-9
    BSPBio_001243 C-17918 CC-24189
    CHEBI:91834 CHEMBL1093 CTK4F2655
    Carticaine D07468 D3SQ406G9X
    DB09009 DTXSID7048536 FT-0602880
    HOE-45 Hoe-045 KS-000046XB
    LS-174027 MCULE-1215719824 Methyl (4-methyl-3-(2-(propylamino)propionamido)-2-thiophencarboxylat)
    Methyl 4-methyl-3-([2-(propylamino)propanoyl]amino)-2-thiophenecarboxylate # NCGC00179248-01 Prestwick0_001032
    Prestwick1_001032 Prestwick2_001032 Prestwick3_001032
    SCHEMBL26715 SPBio_003094 STL290419
    T7555 UNII-D3SQ406G9X VS-07343
    ZX-AN038028 methyl 4-methyl-3-(2-(propylamino)propanamido)thiophene-2-carboxylate methyl 4-methyl-3-[(N-propylalanyl)amino]-2-thiophenecarboxylate
    methyl 4-methyl-3-[(N-propylalanyl)amino]thiophene-2-carboxylate methyl 4-methyl-3-[(N-propylalanyl)amino]thiophene-2-carboxylate hydrochloride methyl 4-methyl-3-[2-(propylamino)propanamido]thiophene-2-carboxylate
    methyl 4-methyl-3-[2-(propylamino)propanoylamino]thiophene-2-carboxylate

    DrugBank Name Articaine
    DrugBank DB09009
    CAS Number 23964-57-0, 23964-58-1
    PubChem Compound 32170
    KEGG Drug D07468
    ChEBI 91834
    PharmGKB PA166182731
    ChemSpider 29837
    Wikipedia Articaine

    1. Chan et al. (2005)