D0170 | benz(a)anthracene-7,12-dione

Molecular Formula C18H10O2
Molecular Weight 258.3

Toxicity Dose Time Species Model Method Action Positive criterion Reference
MAXIMAL RESPIRATION 5 µM zebrafish XFe24 Extracellular Flux Analyzer decrease 86
ATP TURNOVER 5 µM zebrafish XFe24 Extracellular Flux Analyzer decrease 86

Pictogram Signal Statements Precautionary Statement Codes

Aggregated GHS information provided by 39 companies from 1 notifications to the ECHA C&L Inventory. Each notification may be associated with multiple companies.

H315 (100%): Causes skin irritation [Warning Skin corrosion/irritation]

H319 (100%): Causes serious eye irritation [Warning Serious eye damage/eye irritation]

H335 (100%): May cause respiratory irritation [Warning Specific target organ toxicity, single exposure

Respiratory tract irritation]

Information may vary between notifications depending on impurities, additives, and other factors. The percentage value in parenthesis indicates the notified classification ratio from companies that provide hazard codes. Only hazard codes with percentage values above 10% are shown.

P261, P264, P271, P280, P302+P352, P304+P340, P305+P351+P338, P312, P321, P332+P313, P337+P313, P362, P403+P233, P405, and P501; (The corresponding statement to each P-code can be found at the GHS Classification page.)

  • 1,2-Benzanthrachinon 1,2-Benzanthraquinone 1,2-BenzanthraquinoneBenz(a)anthracene-7,12-dione
    1,2-Benzo-9,10-anthraquinone 1,2-Benzoanthraquinone 2498-66-0
    4-07-00-02644 (Beilstein Handbook Reference) 7,12-Benz(a)anthraquinone 7,12-dihydrotetraphene-7,12-dione
    A817591 ACM2498660 ACT05743
    AK-81863 AKOS016008512 ANW-73357
    AS-57440 AX8016792 B0018
    Benz(a)anthra-7,12-quinone Benz(a)anthracene-7,12-quinone Benz-A-Anthracene-7,12-Dione
    Benz[a]anthra-7,12-quinone Benz[a]anthracene-7,12-dione Benz[a]anthracene-7,12-quinone
    Benzanthracene-7,12-dione Benzanthraquinone Benzo[a]anthracene-7,12-dione
    Benzo[a]anthracene-7,12-dione # C-16071 C.I. 59000
    CTK1A2542 DTXSID8051916 EINECS 219-693-8
    FT-0606277 J-015761 KS-0000167O
    NSC 7961 NSC-7961 NSC7961
    Q27274742 SBB069412 SCHEMBL183078
    ST24031893 ST50826757 Sirius Yellow G
    Sirius Yellow G (VAN) TC-162102 Tetraphene-7,12-dione
    U868 UNII-BL89U5YZBK VZ20384
    ZINC3861589 ZLB0008 benzo[b]phenanthrene-7,12-dione
    zlchem 21

    CAS Number 2498-66-0
    PubChem Compound 17253
    ChemSpider 16332