D1356 | Dichloroacetate

Molecular Formula C2HCl2O2-
Molecular Weight 127.93
State liquid
Description an analogue of acetic acid; xenobiotic pyruvate analog

Toxicity Dose Time Species Model Method Action Positive criterion Reference
GLYCOLYSIS inhibition 278

Organism Test type Route Dose (normalized dose) Effect Source
man TDLo oral 50mg/kg/16W-I (50mg/kg) New England Journal of Medicine. Vol. 300, Pg. 372, 1979.

  • 13425-80-4 2,2-bis(chloranyl)ethanoate 2,2-dichloroacetate
    2q8h 68626-EP2292227A2 68626-EP2292628A2
    68626-EP2298776A1 68626-EP2308861A1 68626-EP2374454A1
    A839686 ACETIC ACID, DICHLORO-, ION(1-) Acetic acid,2,2-dichloro-, ion(1-)
    BRN 3903873 CHEBI:28240 CTK4B9070
    DCA DTXSID40158610 Dichloracetate
    Dichloroacetate Dichloroacetate ion Dichloroacetic acid ion(1-)
    GTPL4518 LS-11597 NCGC00241105-01
    Q27077050 STL483470

    DrugBank DB08809
    CAS Number 13425-80-4, 79-43-6
    PubChem Compound 25975