The assembly pathway of mitochondrial respiratory chain complex I.


Guerrero-Castillo, Sergio; Baertling, Fabian; Kownatzki, Daniel; Wessels, Hans J; Arnold, Susanne; Brandt, Ulrich; Nijtmans, Leo

Publication Year 2017
Journal Cell Metabolism
Pages 128-139
Volume 25
Issue 1
PMID 27720676.0
DOI 10.1016/j.cmet.2016.09.002

Mitochondrial complex I is the largest integral membrane enzyme of the respiratory chain and consists of 44 different subunits encoded in the mitochondrial and nuclear genome. Its biosynthesis is a highly complicated and multifaceted process involving at least 14 additional assembly factors. How these subunits assemble into a functional complex I and where the assembly factors come into play is largely unknown. Here, we applied a dynamic complexome profiling approach to elucidate the assembly of human mitochondrial complex I and its further incorporation into respiratory chain supercomplexes. We delineate the stepwise incorporation of all but one subunit into a series of distinct assembly intermediates and their association with known and putative assembly factors, which had not been implicated in this process before. The resulting detailed and comprehensive model of complex I assembly is fully consistent with recent structural data and the remarkable modular architecture of this multiprotein complex. Copyright ? 2017 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.