D1372 | colchicine

Molecular Formula C22H25NO6
Molecular Weight 399.4
State solid
Clearance * 0.17 L/hr/kg [familial Mediterranean fever patients with end-stage renal disease] * 0.73 L/hr/kg [familial Mediterranean fever patients with normal renal function]
Volume of distribution * 5 to 8 L/kg [healthy young volunteers]
Route of elimination In healthy volunteers (n=12) 40 – 65% of 1 mg orally administered colchicine was recovered unchanged in urine. Enterohepatic recirculation and biliary excretion are also postulated to play a role in colchicine elimination.
Protein binding Low to moderate (30 to 50%).
Half life Elimination half-life is approximately 1 hour in healthy subjects, although a study with an extended sampling time reported mean terminal elimination half-life values of approximately 9 to 10.5 hours. Other studies have reported half-life values of approximately 2 hours in patients with alcoholic cirrhosis and approximately 2.5 hours in patients with familial Mediterranean fever.
Absorption Colchicine is rapidly absorbed after oral administration, probably from the jejunum and ileum. However, the rate and extent of absorption are variable, depending on the tablet dissolution rate; variability in gastric emptying, intestinal motility, and pH at the absorption site; and the extent to which colchicine is bound to microtubules in gastrointestinal mucosal cells.
Trade names Colcrys, Mitigare
Description a medication used to treat gout and Behçet's disease


M04AC01 Colchicine

[M04AC] Preparations with no effect on uric acid metabolism



[M] Musculoskeletal system

Toxicity Dose Time Species Model Method Action Positive criterion Reference
GLUCOSE GALACTOSE IC50 RATIO 0.5 LUHMES (Lund human mesencephalic) cells Glc–Gal–NeuriTox assay Negative EC25(NA) [Glc/Gal] 326

Pictogram Signal Statements Precautionary Statement Codes

H300: Fatal if swallowed [Danger Acute toxicity, oral]

H340: May cause genetic defects [Danger Germ cell mutagenicity]

P201, P202, P264, P270, P281, P301+P310, P308+P313, P321, P330, P405, and P501; (The corresponding statement to each P-code can be found at the GHS Classification page.)

Aggregated GHS information provided by 272 companies from 7 notifications to the ECHA C&L Inventory. Each notification may be associated with multiple companies.

H300+H330 (13.97%): Fatal if swallowed or if inhaled [Danger Acute toxicity, oral

acute toxicity, inhalation]

H300 (80.51%): Fatal if swallowed [Danger Acute toxicity, oral]

H310 (19.12%): Fatal in contact with skin [Danger Acute toxicity, dermal]

H318 (13.97%): Causes serious eye damage [Danger Serious eye damage/eye irritation]

H330 (14.34%): Fatal if inhaled [Danger Acute toxicity, inhalation]

H340 (98.9%): May cause genetic defects [Danger Germ cell mutagenicity]

Information may vary between notifications depending on impurities, additives, and other factors. The percentage value in parenthesis indicates the notified classification ratio from companies that provide hazard codes. Only hazard codes with percentage values above 10% are shown.

P201, P202, P260, P262, P264, P270, P271, P280, P281, P284, P301+P310, P302+P350, P304+P340, P305+P351+P338, P308+P313, P310, P320, P321, P322, P330, P361, P363, P403+P233, P405, and P501; (The corresponding statement to each P-code can be found at the GHS Classification page.)

H300: Fatal if swallowed [Danger Acute toxicity, oral]

H340: May cause genetic defects [Danger Germ cell mutagenicity]

P201, P202, P264, P270, P281, P301+P310, P308+P313, P321, P330, P405, and P501; (The corresponding statement to each P-code can be found at the GHS Classification page.)

  • (S)-N-(5,6,7,9-Tetrahydro-1,2,3,10-tetramethoxy-9-oxobenzo[a]heptalen-7-yl)acetamide (S)-N-(5,6,7,9-tetrahydro-1,2,3,10-tetramethoxy-9-oxobenzo[a]heptalen-7-yl) acetamide (S)-colchicin
    (S)-colchicina (S)-colchicine 078C484
    24218-EP2275412A1 24218-EP2277865A1 24218-EP2281815A1
    24218-EP2301933A1 24218-EP2301940A1 24218-EP2305219A1
    24218-EP2305640A2 24218-EP2311827A1 24218-EP2314590A1
    30512-31-3 4lzr 4o2b
    64-86-8 7-alpha-H-Colchicine 7.alpha.H-Colchicine
    7alphaH-Colchicine A3324 ACon1_000353
    AI3-31149 AK167930 AKOS001582887
    API0002098 AS-13686 Acetamide, N-((7S)-5,6,7,9-tetrahydro-1,2,3,10-tetramethoxy-9-oxobenzo(a)heptalen-7-yl)-
    Acetamide, N-(5,6,7,9-tetrahydro-1,2,3,10-tetramethoxy-9-oxobenzo(a)heptalen-7-yl)-, (S)- Acetamide, N-(5,6,7,9-tetrahydro-1,2,3,10-tetramethoxy-9-oxobenzo(alpha)heptalen-7-yl)- Acetamide, N-[(7S)-5,6,7,9-tetrahydro-1,2,3,10-tetramethoxy-9-oxobenzo[a]heptalen-7-yl]-
    Acetamide,6,7,9-tetrahydro-1,2,3,10-tetramethoxy-9-oxobenzo(.alpha.)heptalen-7-yl)- Acetamide,6,7,9-tetrahydro-1,2,3,10-tetramethoxy-9-oxobenzo[.alpha.]heptalen-7-yl)- BDBM50014846
    BG0155 BPBio1_000535 BRD-K00259736-001-06-5
    BRD-K00259736-001-10-7 BSPBio_000485 BSPBio_002083
    Benzo(a)heptalen-9(5H)-one Benzo(a)heptalen-9(5H)-one, 7-acetamido-6,7-dihydro-1,2,3,10-tetramethoxy- Benzo[a]heptalen-9(5H)-one,7-dihydro-1,2,3,10-tetramethoxy-
    C 9754 C-21700 C-7100
    C07592 CAS-64-86-8 CC-25958
    CCG-39910 CCRIS 691 CHEBI:27882
    CHEMBL107 CS-1141 Certified Reference Material
    Colchicin Colchicin [German] Colchicina
    Colchicina [Italian] Colchicine (JP17/USP) Colchicine (TN)
    Colchicine [JAN] Colchicine [USP:JAN] Colchicine for system suitability, European Pharmacopoeia (EP) Reference Standard
    Colchicine, (European Pharmacopoeia (EP) Reference Standard) Colchicine, >=95% (HPLC), powder Colchicine, >=96.0% (HPLC)
    Colchicine, BioReagent, plant cell culture tested, >=95% (HPLC) Colchicine, Colchicum autumnale Colchicine, Pharmaceutical Secondary Standard
    Colchicine, United States Pharmacopeia (USP) Reference Standard Colchicinum Colchineos
    Colchisol Colchysat Colcin
    Colcrys Colsaloid Colstat
    Condylon D00570 DB08117
    DSSTox_CID_4845 DSSTox_GSID_24845 DSSTox_RID_77551
    DTXSID5024845 DivK1c_000753 EBD2156734
    EC 200-598-5 EINECS 200-598-5 EU-0100310
    FT-0603187 GTPL2367 Goutnil
    HMS1569I07 HMS1920A08 HMS2091G16
    HMS2096I07 HMS2231C05 HMS3260N22
    HMS3713I07 HMS502F15 HSDB 3044
    HY-16569 IDI1_000753 J10109
    KBio1_000753 KBio2_001322 KBio2_003890
    KBio2_006458 KBio3_001303 KBioGR_000856
    KBioSS_001322 KM0881 Kolkicin
    LOC LP00310 LS-279
    Lopac0_000310 M01514 MCULE-1568647156
    MCULE-7858118731 MEGxp0_001879 MLS001055448
    MLS001055448-02 MLS001304089 MLS002153786
    MPC-004 Mitigare N-((7S)-5,6,7,9-tetrahydro-1,2,3,10-tetramethoxy-9-oxobenzo(a)heptalen-7-yl)- acetamide
    N-(5,6,7,9-Tetrahydro-1,2,3,10-tetramethoxy-9-oxobenzo(a)heptalen-7-yl)acetamide N-(5,6,7,9-Tetrahydro-1,2,3,10-tetramethoxy-9-oxobenzo[.alpha.]heptalen-7-yl)-acetamide N-Acetyl trimethylcolchicinic acid methylether
    N-[(7S)-1,2,3,10-tetramethoxy-9-oxo-5,6,7,9-tetrahydrobenzo[a]heptalen-7-yl]acetamide N-[(7S)-1,2,3,10-tetramethoxy-9-oxo-5,6,7,9-tetrahydrobenzo[a]heptalen-7-yl]acetamide; N-[(7S)-1,2,3,10-tetramethoxy-9-oxo-6,7-dihydro-5H-benzo[a]heptalen-7-yl]acetamide
    N-[(7S)-1,2,3,10-tetramethoxy-9-oxo-6,7-dihydro-5H-benzo[d]heptalen-7-yl]acetamide N-[(7S)-5,6,7,9-tetrahydro-1,2,3,10-tetramethoxy-9-oxobenzo[a]heptalen-7-yl]acetamide N-[(7s)-1,2,3,10-Tetramethoxy-9-Oxo-6,7-Dihydro-5h-Benzo[d]heptalen-7-Yl]ethanamide
    N1721 NCGC00025125-01 NCGC00025125-02
    NCGC00025125-03 NCGC00025125-04 NCGC00025125-05
    NCGC00025125-06 NCGC00025125-07 NCGC00025125-08
    NCGC00025125-09 NCGC00025125-10 NCGC00025125-11
    NCGC00025125-12 NCGC00025125-13 NCGC00025125-14
    NCGC00025125-15 NCGC00025125-18 NCGC00025125-20
    NCGC00169157-01 NCGC00169157-02 NCGC00169157-03
    NCGC00254359-01 NCGC00259096-01 NCGC00260995-01
    NCI60_041659 NINDS_000753 NSC 757
    NSC-756702 NSC-757 NSC756702
    NSC757 Pharmakon1600-01500205 Prestwick0_000363
    Prestwick1_000363 Prestwick2_000363 Prestwick3_000363
    Prestwick_695 SBI-0050298.P004 SC-11404
    SCHEMBL8469 SDCCGMLS-0066633.P001 SDCCGSBI-0050298.P006
    SML2Y3J35T SMR000058323 SPBio_000289
    SPBio_002406 SPECTRUM1500205 SR-01000075794
    SR-01000075794-1 SR-01000075794-3 SR-01000075794-6
    SR-01000075794-7 SR-01000597576 SR-01000597576-1
    SR-01000597576-3 Spectrum2_000075 Spectrum3_000362
    Spectrum4_000298 Spectrum5_000787 Spectrum_000842
    Tocris-1364 Tox21_110947 Tox21_110947_1
    Tox21_201547 Tox21_300582 Tox21_500310
    WLN: L B677 MV&T&J CO1 DO1 EO1 JMV1 NO1 ZINC621853 ZX-AFC000369
    binds to tubulin colchicine inhibits microtubular assembly
    methoxylated analogue of XD1 s2284 spindle poison

    DrugBank DB01394
    CAS Number 209810-38-8, 30512-31-3, 64-86-8, 9014-63-5
    PubChem Compound 6167