D1416 | MG-132

Molecular Formula C26H41N3O5
Molecular Weight 475.6
Description a potent proteasome inhibitor; calpain inhibitor with IC50s of 100 nM and 1.2 μM; blocks the proteolytic activity of the 26S proteasome complex; autophagy activator; induces apoptosis

Toxicity Dose Time Species Model Method Action Positive criterion Reference
RESPIRATION 20 μM 6 hr HeLa cells Mitochondrial respiration was calculated by measuring oxygen consumption rate (OCR) and proton flux under a series of conditions using a Seahorse Flux analyzer. inhibit 291
GLUCOSE GALACTOSE IC50 RATIO 1.4 LUHMES (Lund human mesencephalic) cells Glc–Gal–NeuriTox assay Negative EC25(NA) [Glc/Gal] 326
MITOCHONDRIAL UBIQUITINATION 20 μM 6 hr HeLa cells Total ubiquitin, Lysine 48-linked polyubiquitin and Lysine 63-linked polyubiquitin levels were assessed in whole cell extracts by western blotting. increase 291
GLUTATHIONE METABOLISM 20 μM 24 hr rat PC12 cells The total glutathione (reduced form GSH + oxidized form GSSG) was determined using glutathione reductase deplete GSH 289
FRAGMENTATION 20 μM 6 hr HeLa cells The cells were stained with MitoTracker Green FM and MitoSOX Red dyes followed by image acquisition on a confocal microscope. induce 291
MITOPHAGY 20 μM 6 hr HeLa cells mitophagy fluorescence reporter Mitokeima Negative 291
ROS PRODUCTION 20 μM 24 hr rat PC12 cells Measurement of intracellular ROS formation with DCFH2-DA increase 289
CASPASE ACTIVITY 20 μM 24 hr rat PC12 cells Measurement of caspase-3 activity with ApoAlert™ CPP32/Caspase-3 assay kit increase 289
CYTOCHROME C RELEASE 20 μM 24 hr rat PC12 cells Measurement of cytochrome c release using a solid-phase, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay kit for the detection of cytochrome c. increase 289

  • MG132 Z-Leu-Leu-Leu-al

    CAS Number 133407-82-6
    PubChem Compound 462382